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Fat Buddha Kitchen
Lifestyle Catering


We make your even
to an unforgettable,
unique experience.

In addition to the best service and excellent food, we also do our utmost to protect our resources and our planet "Earth". Everything sustainable and with the best conscience.


We create holistic concepts considering local circumstances for large and small gastronomic companies. From appropriate design & interior to food & beverage offer pricing, calculation, organization and logistics basics, public relations and all, it is necessary for a rapid start in the direction of a successful daily operation.

Please feel free to contact us.

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We love food of any origin! Everything is delicious and authentic!
Whether German, Mediterranean, French, Asian, South American or Italian cuisine...
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What make
us standing out
from others!

We produce 90% of all products ourselves, with a lot of craftsmanship, years of experience and a lot of love and passion.
We prefer to work with regional and seasonal products from Brandenburg and Germany.
With the service we do not compromise. We support our customers and make wishes come true.

ALL without any additives,
artificial flavors, flavor
enhancers or preservatives.

We love food
perfect service
and innovation.

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