Coaching &

We create holistic concepts considering local circumstances for large and small gastronomic companies. From appropriate design & interior to food & beverage offer pricing, calculation, organization and logistics basics, public relations and all, it is necessary for a rapid start in the direction of a successful daily operation.

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Kitchen basics

HACCP, cooling chains, warehouse labels (first in - first out, labeling, packaging, etc ...), goods receipt, dress code, etc ...


casting, recruiting, training


employee motivation

Create structures

creation and definition of work flows in the kitchen, front of house & back office

Sophisticated cooking

contemporary cooking methods & plating

Checking & controlling

cost control & calculation

Product development & conception

invention of new products, creation of recipes, work processes & gastronomy concepts

Kitchen planning

from ventilation to cooling to the pass & office - auto Cut

Product planning

communication with suppliers (crockery, cutlery, food, etc.) and external service providers to create exciting food presentations & lasting experiences of your guests

Organization & preperationplanning

creation of all forms - cooling, hygiene and working time records. loss, staff picking, etc.


cost reduction through economic staff classification, optimized work flows and use of appropriate tools